Yas Clinic One Day Surgery, Dalma Mall

Yas Clinic One Day Surgery is a multi-specialty clinic located in Dalma Mall focused on providing clinical care to patients within MBZ City and Mussafah regions. Yas Clinic One Day Surgery provides multiple patient-centric specialty departments with a wide range of services

Comprehensive Cosmetology unit with elite consultation rooms, laser services, body contouring with cryo-services and customized wellness plans. State-of-the-art Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Unit including Orthopedics Clinics, Physiotherapy Services, Gym & Fitness Center.

Prompt service delivery Internal business tie ups including special packages & Loyalty cards. Comprehensive 360 services including: Clinical lab services, Radiology services, Audiometry, Optometry and Psychiatric evaluation and clearance.

Unique selling points include General multispecialty outpatient clinical services Multidisciplinary team members

Yas Clinic Group provides comprehensive care of world-class quality to patients of all age groups.

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