I am a consultant Neurologist I treat the following Neurological conditions: (Brain, Spinal cord and Nerves and muscles) for the patient older than 16 years. Example: Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, Headache, Parkinson’s disease, Nerve and muscles disease, memory problems. I am also consultant Neurophysiologist: Neurophysiology investigation covers test of brain, nerve, and muscles. I report or personally carry out the tests and for patients of all age group including newborn baby. EEG- is recording of Brain waves and useful investigation for the diagnosis of Epilepsy, patient who has loss of consciousness, and patient who has certain brain injury etc Patients with nerve and muscles symptoms such as weakness, muscles wasting, numbness, tingling, in hands and feet, trapped nerve at hands and feet and back I speak English and Burmese. My specialist training was in the UK, and I have been working in Neurology and Neurophysiology since November 1998. Before I joined the YAS clinic I was working as senior consultant neurologist and neurophysiologist in London, UK. I work YCKC most week days and YCOD ( twice a month).


  • FRCP (Glasgow) Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) Feb 2020
  • FRCP (London) Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) May 2016
  • MRCP (Neurology) Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) Jun 2009
  • CCT (Neurology) Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) Apr 2009
  • CCT (Clinical Neurophysiology) Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) Jan 2006
  • MD University College London Dec 2006
  • DTM&H London Apr 2000
  • DGM London Jan 1999
  • MRCP (UK) Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) Jun 2008
  • M.Med.Sc (Internal Medicine) Institute of Medicine, Myanmar Nov 1995
  • MBBS Institute of Medicine, Myanmar Oct 1991

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