Dr Enrico Dassen is a European qualified Consultant Urologist with a unique scientific and professional background and an ongoing quest for excellence and innovation. Trained in the Netherlands and Germany and gained experience for more than 20 years. Serving both Academic and Clinical posts in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Abu Dhabi. He has profound and insight and accrued expertise in the field of functional Urology, neuro-urology, and Andrology. He did research in functional Urology for many years, the results have been published at several international conferences. He will provide state of the art urological expertise within a safe and compassionate environment.

Clinical expertise:

  • Functional Urology; erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder (frequent passing urine) Neuro-urology. Patient with for example Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis associated with urinary tract problems.
  • Chronic pelvic pain Syndrome (CPPS) chronic or intermittent scrotal, groin, lower abdominal, genital, prostate pain.
  • Infections of the urinary tract, bladder, prostate, kidney.
  • Andrology, erectile dysfunction, problems with reproductive system (unable to conceive).
  • Voiding problems, prostate enlargement, difficulty in passing urine with weak sometimes painful urination.
  • Urolithiasis, treatment of kidney stones, acute, chronic, and preventive.
  • Incontinence treatment.
  • Pediatric Urology, urinary tract infections, voiding disorders which can be related to multiple conditions.
  • Preventive Urological care, screening for prostate cancer, prevention of kidney stones and infections of the urinary tract
  • Lifestyle advise as a preventive approach.
  • Second opinion when you have any concern or just want to evaluate your current condition.


  • MBBS
  • MD
  • CCT
  • PHD

Memberships :

  • Fellow of the European Board of Urology.
  • Member NVU, Dutch Association of Urology.
  • Member ICS, International Continence Society .
  • Member RDMA, Royal Dutch Medical Association.
  • Member, Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine.

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