Dr. Angeliki Mina

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist


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Dr. Angeliki’s experience includes expertise in antenatal counselling, high-risk pregnancy, normal vaginal deliveries, caesarean sections, co-morbid conditions during pregnancy, recurrent miscarriages, early pregnancy problems, infertility conditions. She was reported a high success rate in the diagnosis and treatment of some of the common gynaecological conditions, such as ovarian cysts, pelvic and menstrual pain, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polyps, cervical cancer screening (Pap smears, HPV testing), pelvic incontinence, gynaecologist hormonal and perimenopausal disorders. She is performing a huge number of procedures in outpatient bases - as STDs screening, colposcopy, cervical cryosurgery, hysterosalpingography, endometrial sampling, abdominal and transvaginal ultrasonography, IUD insertion and removal, aesthetic laser methods, and in inpatient surgical treatments – as cervical cone biopsy, cervical and endometrial polypectomy, colporrhaphy, myomectomy, ovarian cystectomy, perineal and vaginal cysts excision. Dr. Angeliki, attending many national and international conferences, keeping herself abreast with latest in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Following the medical protocols, she provides care of international standards, performing the above procedures with high precision and accuracy.

Clinical expertise:

  • Maternal screening (infections, diabetes, B.P., BMI, vit. Deficiencies, anemia)
  • Fetal assessments (estimate EDD, genetic abnormalities: Down’s syndrome, trisomy 18 and 13, neural tube defect risk)
  • Antenatal record (ultrasonography, Non Stress Test, Oxytocin Challenge Test)
  • Complications in pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy, hyperemesis gravidarium, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, fetal distress)
  • Childbirth care (external fetal version, induction of labour, vaginal delivery, caesarean section)
  • Postnatal care (puerperal infections, post-partum depression, breastfeeding difficulties, contraception during breastfeeding)
  • Anatomical diseases (glandular cysts of vagina and vulva, endometrial and cervical polyps, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts)
  • Anatomical diseases (glandular cysts of vagina and vulva, endometrial and cervical polyps, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts)
  • Hormonal and other disorders that interference with fertility (abnormal menstruation, PCOS, endometriosis, hirsutism)
  • Urogenital disease (uterine prolapse, cystocele, urinary incontinence, recurrent UTI )
  • Menopause and the involving conditions (osteoporosis, hormonal replacement
  • Symptomatic conditions (irregular vaginal bleeding, bleeding between periods or after intercourse, sores or lumps on the genitals, increased vaginal discharges)
  • Special interesting on Aesthetic Gynecology (Νοn – Surgical Aesthetic Gynecology: PRP, Vaginal and vulvar rejuvenation, Laser vaginal and vulvar skin tightening, Vulvar skin whitening)
  • Family planning and prevention (contraception, sexually transmitted diseases relates to chancroid, chlamydia, crabs, gonorrhea, genital herper, genital warts and HPV virus, infertility, prenatal screening, Pap-test and cytological exam, colposcopy, biopsy, cryotherapy, laser)


  • European Federation for Colposcopy (EFC)
  • International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (ISGE)

Memberships :

  • E.S.A.G. (European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology, 2017)

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